Jiménez Losantos, on the PP’s side regarding amnesty: “How good Feijo was in the interview we did with him, what is needed”

Last Saturday, PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijoo spoke about his contacts with Juntas after the July 23 elections. Pro-independence supporters, he said, had asked for amnesty and the PP had studied it “for 24 hours”, in addition to offering a possible very conditional pardon on the horizon. This Monday, broadcaster Federico Jimenez Losantos addressed the issue, although he did so already at the gathering and not at the beginning of his program, which focused on criticizing the government over the Civil Guard attacked by a drug boat. “What is needed, after the interview [que le hicieron la semana pasada]”How good Feiyo turned out, what is needed,” he said.

“What more does Sánchez want than the opening of a separatist coup front in Galicia,” said the host of “Federico Dill” on esRadio. “They’re doing a great job,” he continued, referring to statements from the government and the left over news this weekend that has derailed the PP’s plans to focus its Galician campaign on the autonomous community. In particular, he continued to attack the minister’s spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, whom he called “illiterate” and “useless” among other disqualifications.

In addition, he criticized the words of the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, who assured that if Pedro Sánchez did not exist, Feijo “simply committed the biggest voter fraud”. Regarding his words, Losantos started: “Who is the president with the votes of Younts?” Sanchez, right? If Feiyo is the president? – So, what is the point of tearing the clothes of Vox’s comrades, who are becoming more and more Falangists every day?

Although the host preferred to focus on the case of the drug attack on two Civil Guards in the program, during the gathering he commented on what happened to his staff. Joaquin Manso, director of EL MUNDO and contributor to the gathering, admitted that the PP leadership’s statements to journalists this weekend about Junti and Puigdemont were “totally avoidable mistakes”, especially since the Galician elections are increasingly popular.

It was also mentioned during the conversation that some might be “scared” of what former president Puigdemont might say. – But let’s see, you idiots, how many things they were going to remove that they didn’t remove? – Losantos attacked.

Again, at this point, the conversation turned to the government’s pacts with Puigdemont, as well as the former president’s alleged ties to Russia and Putin.

The right-wing press recognizes Feijoo’s turn as a mistake

Meanwhile, the conservative press recognizes Feijo’s turn as a “mistake”, a “slip” for newspapers such as 🔡And get in the “puddle” for it ABC. According to the latter newspaper, the PP leader is now trying to correct his “mistake” a week before the Galician elections, “to do pedagogy before a confused People’s Party”.

The council’s decision is also criticized by conservative press columns popular, which they describe as “self-sabotage”. “PP threw dirty shovels at its own success,” writes journalist Ignacio Camacho.

Source: El Diario





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