Platform 6F spokesman insults police in rural protests: “ETA killed some of you”

Lola Guzmán, a spokesperson for Platform 6F, which is behind part of the rural mobilization, told several police officers this Saturday that “ETA killed them a little bit.”

Guzmán clashed with police this weekend after several protesters tried to jump fences to block access to the M-40 in Madrid and officers charged at them. He reprimanded them for their behavior and began shouting abuse: “If you raise a baton to a Spaniard, you’ll be in trouble… ETA has killed some of you sons of bitches,” he said. They took the cameras.

Guzmán posted a video on Sunday to “make amends for his heated words” the previous day, in which he claims he was “pointed at with a machine gun” to prevent him from “protecting his comrades”.

A spokesman for Platform 6F described the situation as an “ambush” by the UIP, who drove the protesters into a “gully” and insisted he had received a call from those attending that they were going to “kill” them. “They pointed a machine gun at me so that I wouldn’t go and protect my companions, it was a very difficult moment, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, and in the heat I remembered the hardest moments in Spain with the police. . The police are treating us very badly,” he says in the video.

Guzman, who has been associated with Vox in the past, has been seen in videos circulating on social media Feeds on the joke that the plane protects There is lethal fumigation in the sky (produced by the exhaust of water vapor and gases from the turbines). “These are not clouds. That’s the poison they unleashed on us tonight. We make people sick because, according to these elites, half of us stayed here,” he says.

Source: El Diario





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