Feijóo’s offer to PNV: Ministry, investments for Euskadi and the secret that Aitor Esteban did not want to tell.

“It seems that Spain only breaks when someone is in charge. Anyway, one day I’ll probably tell you what we were offered a few months ago, and it would be amazing.” Aitor Esteban, the PNV’s speaker in the Congress of Deputies, made this threat to the PP on November 16, during the investiture debate, which ended the same day with the re-election of Pedro Sánchez’s government as president. Just two months earlier, as Esteban recalled, the leader of the popular parties, Alberto Núñez Feijo, had fallen into another similar debate in which he failed to get investment support. But Feijo tried to negotiate with nationalist forces like the Junts and the PNV.

The Basques immediately told him no. The “Zheltzale” party has repeatedly told the PP that as long as it maintains its agreements with Vox, it should forget about any rapprochement. “Alberto, the engine of your tractor was taken from the use of Vox oil,” said Esteban ironically on the same November 16 in Congress. I tried to emphasize that there are no possible ways to agree with the PP as long as it relies on the extreme right in the communities and councils. No matter how much they offer to hand over power – as the PP has always done when it needs the PNV in Congress – and even enter a hypothetical government chaired by Feijo.

Source: El Diario





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