The interior poses challenges against drug traffickers in the strait: submarines, light aircraft and drug lords surrounded by firewalls.

The alarm triggered by the security of the state due to the penetration of drug trafficking in all layers of society and the impunity with which it began to operate in Campo de Gibraltar led to the implementation of a special plan for this area in 2018. The latest instruction of the Secretary of State for Security, which had access to, outlines the recently discovered threats and develops a plan to combat them in 2024 and 2025. Use of aircraft and submarines for drug transportation. Light aircraft from Morocco, the restoration of the Guadalquivir route or the creation of gangs that only serve to supply fuel to drug vessels are part of the innovation carried out by local clans.

The Secretary of State’s guidance, a kind of mandatory framework plan for security forces and corps, begins by congratulating the results achieved. “It’s objectively amazing,” the interior says of its own performance. But he goes on to point to one of the consequences of this success in arrests and seizures: drug traffickers have an “adaptable and flexible” system that has moved from a “pyramidal and hierarchical structure” to a “reticular” type with “firewalls”. “.

Source: El Diario

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