Ex-Supreme Court Judge Rejects Judiciary Reform Because Sanchez Is ‘Leader’

Former Supreme Court Justice Javier Borrego believes that Pedro Sánchez is a “leader” who “colonized all the institutions one by one” and “sold Spain” to “continue sleeping in Moncloa and using the Falcon”.

yours Article published this Wednesday in ConfilegalA former judge tries to rewrite the last part of the Spanish Civil War as if the president had written it. “Today, in captivity and disarmed by the judiciary, I have achieved and presented my last constitutional goal. Democracy is over. “The president of the Plurinational Republic, Pedro Sánchez-Castellón,” Borrego paraphrases, defending that Sánchez is “the new leader.”

Faced with this, in the eyes of Javier Borrego, the judges of the Supreme Court and the trial court are like the Gallic village of Asterix comics, but with “irreducible Spaniards”. “Sanchez doesn’t want to renew the General Council of the Judiciary, he wants to control it,” he claims. According to him, the law should be reformed so that judges elect judges. “I was the fifth shift magistrate of the Supreme Court; Voted by a large majority of members of all sensibilities and geographical origins. And there are many in the same situation. This council has had successes and mistakes, but no one can say that it did not try to elect independent magistrates to the Supreme Court,” he wrote.

The article concludes that “the Spaniards, who pride themselves on being so and rule giants, cannot rule the Lilliputians.” “Very small, yes, but like termites that burrow and leave a hole in whatever they catch.”

Negotiations on renewal of the judicial system

The government and the PP have once again resumed negotiations on the renewal of the General Council of Justice, whose powers have been blocked for five years. The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, suggested to the government President Pedro Sánchez to find an international mediator to finalize the agreement and renew the governing body of the judges.

However, there are differences regarding the role of mediation. If Feijo believes that the European Commission is going to “supervise” these negotiations, the executive, as his spokesman, Minister Pilar Alegría explains, interprets this as “mediation” and “checking”.

Source: El Diario





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