Feijo assures Europe against amnesty, while PP lowers expectations of its suspension.

“I believe in Spanish and European courts and jurisdictional forums.” The phrase was uttered by PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijo after a meeting with European PP members in Brussels, when reporters asked if he would revoke the amnesty law if he met the necessary parliamentary majority. An express commitment that Feijo did not want to make in front of the microphones. In fact, the PP does not want to publicly announce that it will repeal the rule, fearing that the newspaper library will turn against them in the future when eliminating the law no longer makes political sense.

Feijo took the questioning route with a statement that leaves the ball in the judges’ court. “I’m sure the court will strike it down,” he said of the amnesty law, avoiding saying he would if it reached Moncloa Palace and it was still in effect. The problem is that there aren’t many options for this to happen, other than the Spanish Constitutional Court or preliminary questions that could be brought before the EU Court of Justice.

Source: El Diario





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