The current judiciary unequivocally asserts yet another declaration against allusions to “legality”.

The Permanent Commission of the General Council of Justice (CGPJ), the so-called The legality or judicial review of the policies included in the agreement between the PSOE and the Junts on the investment of Pedro Sánchez.

The text was approved with the support of president Vicente Guilarte and progressive members Roger Bach and Mar Cabrejas. Conservatives José Antonio Ballestero, Ángeles Carmona and Carmen Lombard, who called for an extraordinary meeting to resolve the issue, voted against it, saying the agreement was “insufficient” and “necessary to expand.” Pilar Sepúlveda, a member elected on the proposal of PSOE, cast a blank vote.

The text finally approved expands on the previous text approved on November 9, which described as “inadmissible” references to the “legality” contained in the aforementioned agreement and showed its “frontal rejection” of the final constitution of the parliamentary commissions of inquiry that would investigate. judicial war” against the independence movement, which angered all associations of judges and prosecutors. In fact, after the uproar, the PSOE later clarified that the parliament would not control the punishments and would only take into account the conclusions of the parliamentary inquiry that had already been carried out.

The agreement approved by the Standing Committee today adds that the CGPJ will “maintain vigilance to protect the independence of the judiciary in relation to the development of the aforementioned parliamentary commissions of inquiry”.

Source: El Diario





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