Congress is giving the green light to begin considering the amnesty law next week

The beginning of parliamentary activities will have one of its peaks next Tuesday. After being accepted for discussion by the council last week, the proposal of the amnesty law received the approval of the Council of Press Secretary for its discussion to be included in the agenda of the plenary session on December 12.

This will begin the parliamentary processing of one of the most pressing regulations of the legislature and which will fiercely confront the opposition with the coalition government parties and their parliamentary allies. Although the consideration only formally marks the beginning of the law’s journey through Congress, the political debate is likely to be high-voltage due to the initial clash between the PSOE and the PP and Vox over the thanksgiving event.

The parliamentary allies of the coalition executive guarantee that this review will be carried out with an absolute majority. From now on, the period of change will be open, and it is the intention of the Socialist Group and its partners that the processing should be carried out immediately.

The calculations by the caucuses are because the amnesty could leave Congress before the end of the year to reach the Senate after Christmas. In the upper house, the overwhelming majority of the PP promises to delay as long as possible the legal plans planned until its return to the Carrera de San Jeronimo. According to this calendar, the relief measure could go into effect in late March or early April after its final approval.

Source: El Diario





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