PSOE, Sumar and PP give two presidencies of congressional commissions to the ERC, one to the Junts and the other to the PNV.

The PSOE, Sumar and the Popular Party closed an agreement this Monday on the distribution of the chairmanships of the various congressional commissions for this legislature. The Socialists will eventually lead a total of 15 commissions, while the PP will lead another 12, with Sumari heading six, the ERC two and both the Junts and the PNV having one each.

This Monday, 23 legislative and 5 non-legislative congressional committees are formed, including the new Disability and Inclusive Policy Committees, while the Youth and Children’s Committee moves from non-legislative to legislative. is a territory which has its own Ministry in this XV Legislature.

The distribution leaves Vox out of the presidential race, even though it has nominated candidates to achieve it. The party led by Santiago Abascal criticized the agreement between the PP and the PSOE to withdraw from the actors, accusing the party of Alberto Núñez Feijoo of colluding with those who “staged a coup” and accused the Popular Party ” of not wanting to participate in what the Spanish People deserve it.”

All congressional committees formed this Monday agreed on the composition of their desks, consisting of a president, two vice presidents, and two secretaries. The PP, as the group with the most MPs in the House, will be responsible for chairing the MPs’ Regulation and Petitions Commission, as well as the following legislative commissions:

  • Defense presided over by Alberto Fabra.
  • Economy, Commerce and Digital Transition, Pedro Pui Fraga.
  • Science, Innovation and Universities, by Sandra Moneo Diez.
  • Housing and Urban Agenda.
  • Comprehensive Disability Policy.

Feijoo’s party will also lead the presidencies of national security, relations with the ombudsman, parliamentary control of the RTVE Corporation and the study commission on drug problems.

The PP has maintained that it will also be in charge of the EU joint commission, although the PSOE insists that it will ultimately be headed by PSOE representative in Zaragoza, Susana Sumelzo. Socialists also chair these 11 legislative commissions:

  • The Constitutional Commission, which will be headed by PSC MP Jose Zaragoza.
  • of Foreign Affairs, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix.
  • Justice presided over by Francisco Lucas Ayala.
  • Treasury and Public Function, Alejandro Soler Moore.
  • Former Minister of Internal Affairs and former Secretary of the PSOE Organization Jose Luis Abalos.
  • Transport and Sustainable Mobility, by José Ramón Gómez Besteiro.
  • Education, Vocational Training and Sports, by Mercedes Gonzalez Fernandez.
  • Territorial Policy, Rafaela Crespin Rubio.
  • Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Cristina Narbona Ruiz.
  • International Cooperation for Development, by Susana Ross Martinez.
  • Equality, by former Vice President Carmen Calvo.

The PSOE will also lead three non-legislative commissions, including the Commission for Monitoring and Evaluation of State Pact Agreements on Gender-Based Violence, chaired by Adriana Lastra. In addition, it will have the Rules, Appointments Advisory and Reserve Expenditure Commissions, which correspond to the congressional chairmanship, and two permanent joint commissions, as well as a joint commission with the Senate, which will be created in the coming weeks.

In turn, Sumar will have the presidency of six commissions, five legislative and one mixed, of which two will be for the formation of Yolanda Díaz, two common, one for Podemos and the other for Izquierda Unida. These will be commissions chaired by Sumari:

  • Budget, by Carlos Martin Uriza.
  • Health, by Agustin Santos Maraveri.
  • Artwork by Aina Vidal.
  • Culture, Gerardo Pisarello Prados.
  • Social Rights and Consumption, by Noemi Santana Perera.
  • Joint Commission for the Coordination and Monitoring of the Spanish Strategy to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The distribution of the presidency of the Fifteenth Legislature will also allow the Esquerra Republicana (ERC) to lead two commissions, one for the Junts and one for the PNV. In particular, the ERC will chair the Commissions for Industry and Children and Youth, which will be assigned to the deputies Ines Granoller and Jordi Salvador, respectively.

In turn, the Road Safety Commission is reserved for the Junts, while the PNV will be in charge of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Commission chaired by Joseba Agirretxea. Bildu supported the government-aligned majority, but refused to run for these positions.

Source: El Diario





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