When the Vatican and the White House supported the Franco dictatorship

1953. Franco’s dictatorship was established in Spain after three decades of absolute power after the end of the civil war, killings were no longer mass but selective and human and constitutional rights were hidden and forged in fundamental laws, but every effort was futile. To achieve the desired respect of the international community. The fascist and violent character of Francoism, the absence of freedoms and the original sin imposed by the losers, Hitler and Mussolini, with borrowed arms, kept Spain in the rotten place of history and on the brink of reconstruction and organization. League of Nations after World War II.

Attempts at a coup in favor of the Allies during the World War and the redirection of the original fascism to anti-communism also did not give the regime the desired result, although, thanks to Churchill, they served to avoid military intervention. and the overthrow of a tyrant who favored Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Source: El Diario





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