Yolanda Díaz will hire former Podemos speaker Noelia Vera as communications director

Yolanda Díaz has chosen a figure with high political influence on the left as her new communications director in the Second Vice President and Ministry of Labor. Noelia Vera, a figure closely linked in the past to former Podemos secretary general Pablo Iglesia and the party’s number two Irene Montero, will now be part of the heavy core of the Sumar leader in charge of relations. As elDiario.es learned with the media. Former Unidas Podemos MP Segundo González joins the ministry’s team.

Vera, who collaborated for years on La Tuerka, Iglesias’ program on local TV Vallecas, and who later became a prominent figure in Podemos, agreed to be Díaz’s new communications director, a position previously held by Virginia Uzal, who becomes the second vice president’s chief of staff. . The election has a very urgent symbolic meaning, because before leaving politics, Vera belonged to the circle of people’s trust of the current leadership of Podemos, a party that is now completely opposed to the project of Yolanda Díaz.

The Cádiz politician was elected as a Podemos MP in the 2015, 2016 and 2019 elections and served as the party’s spokesperson for several years. In his final phase on the political front, Irene Montero selected him as Secretary of State for Equality, a position he held until he decided to leave politics in September 2021 for personal reasons. “It was a personal and difficult decision, because after seven years in what I consider my home, I do not want to disappoint so many colleagues who have given me the responsibilities that I have taken on with dignity,” he said in his farewell message.

Vera studied journalism and worked in various media as an intern or on internship contracts until she ended up managing the Latin American agency Agora News. After returning to Spain, he worked with Pablo Iglesias in ‘La Tuerka’, a program presented by the former vice president of the government on the local television of Vallecas. After Iglesias jumped into politics, Vera took on the program’s prominent face.

In the elections of December 2015, Vera was elected as a deputy of the electoral district of Cadiz, as well as in 2016 and 2019. In 2017, Noelia Vera was part of Pablo Iglesias’ list in the II Citizens’ Assembly of Podemos. Vistalegre 2 won the candidacy of the general secretary and he entered the leadership of the party. After the departure of Iglesias and until his resignation, Vera was one of the components of the solid core of Ione Bellara.

Reunites Unidas Podemos former deputy Segundo González

Yolanda Díaz also intends to include in her ministry team the economist Segundo González, who is responsible for the first stage of the finances and transparency of Podemos in the party. In December 2015, he was elected as a deputy of Asturias in Congress and a few months later he was re-elected. During the parliamentary period, he was the budget representative of Unidas Podemos.

After Inigo Errejón’s departure from the sector party, González joined the founding team of Podemos to lead the Más País por Asturias list for the 2019 general election. In recent weeks, Erekhon’s party has started the process of integration of territories in Sumari. Political platform of the Vice President and Minister of Labor.

Source: El Diario





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