Justice fines 1,000 euros to a man who destroyed the fences of Zarzuela with pliers and a knife.

good night April 4, 2020. Spain’s population remains locked in its homes amid a state of alarm that seeks to mitigate the effects of the still-out-of-control pandemic. But there is a man who is not at home, but is going through the security rings of Zarzuela Palace, the residence of the kings, with tongs, a knife and a parrot’s beak, until the Royal Guard stops him in a few minutes. later. in meters from the building. The Department of Justice, as elDiario.es has learned, strongly sentenced him to pay a fine of 1,080 euros for the crime of damage, in addition to paying almost 4,000 euros more than it cost to repair one of the fences he destroyed.

The man didn’t give a statement at the police station, he didn’t show up at the trial later, he couldn’t be found and he never explained what led him to try to force his way into one of the most secure places in the country. The royal family did not want to comment on the questions of this newspaper.

Source: El Diario





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