Feijo extends his leadership to give more weight to the PP Barons in opposition to Sánchez.

The fourth day of the leadership reshuffle that Alberto Núñez Feijo wants to challenge the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez. The PP leader announced a new batch of appointments earlier this Wednesday, expanding his steering committee to 16 people with additions that confirm the greater weight of regional barons in the day-to-day life of the party. Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Jorge Azcon and Alfonso Fernandez Maniueco are gaining organic prominence in PP, while Borja Semper is losing power.

Feijóo chose to divide several vice-secretariats (large areas on which sectoral secretariats later depend) into different departments at the same level. Thus, the classic undersecretary of social policy, until now led by the promoted Carmen Funes, is disappearing and the economy is seeing its powers reduced to light the new one.

The new names of Feijóo’s CEO are Paloma Martín (Madrid, 1970), ex-counselor of Ayuso and now a senator, who implements sustainable development; Also from Madrid, Noelia Muñoz (Madrid, 1992), opposition councilor in Fuenlabrada, who will be responsible for mobilization and the digital challenge, has ascended to the top leadership of the PP.

In addition, Ana Alós from Huesca (Huesca, 1969 and until now Secretary of Provincial and Insular Policy) has been promoted to be responsible for equality and reconciliation issues. It so happens that Feijoo announced his intention to abolish the Ministry of Equality during the July 23 election campaign.

Finally, Castilian-Leonian Ester Muñoz (Leon, 1985) held the position of new Vice-Minister of Health and Education, the latter contest being lost to Undersecretary of Culture and Open Society Borja Semper, who also sees one of his flags. It has been taken away from her: Noelia Muñoz’s control over excessive and irresponsible use of technology and social media.

While waiting for the confirmation of the appointments, including several others, and the distribution of sectoral powers this Thursday in the National Executive Committee, the PP will complete the restructuring of the national leadership that Feijo anticipated almost two months ago.

A team of 16, one of the largest in party history, with 10 women and six men, the heaviest of regional barons.

Source: El Diario





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