Prosecutors will appeal García Castellón’s decision to send Puigdemont’s charges to the Supreme Court.

The National Court Prosecutor’s Office has appealed an order that Judge Manuel García Castellón agreed to this Tuesday, asking the Supreme Court to review the tsunami democracy case and charge former Generalitat president and MEP Carles Puigdemont with terrorism. In his letter, prosecutor Miguel Ángel Carballo exposes the “beautiful contradiction” that he believes the magistrate poses when he agreed to transfer the case to the High Court, when just two weeks ago he admitted that it was not an “appropriate” request. The indictment of the defendants, because “it was necessary to specify more precisely their participation in the events.”

Thus, according to Carballo, the filing of the reasoned statement is “a sort of ex officio reform” of the November 6 order that ended the democratic investigation into the tsunami and offered the former president to testify voluntarily. A turn that, according to the prosecutor, García Castellón makes “without any basis, without new proven facts and without any diligence, which gathered new signs of criminal responsibility against the accused”.

The prosecutor notes in his letter that this movement is against the provisions of Article 267.1 of the Organic Law of Justice, which forbids judicial bodies to change the decrees after signing them, except for clarifying and correcting vague concepts. Material error, “what doesn’t work out”.

This Tuesday, García Castellón gave new impetus to the cause of the democratic tsunami – open for four years – by asking the Supreme Court to open the case and charge Puigdemont, ERC leader Marta Rovira and ten others with terrorism. As an MEP, Puigdemont is eligible to face the Supreme Court, and before he can be formally charged, the High Court must send a new request to the European Parliament, which must once again exercise the parliamentary process for the right to investigate the former president.

In a letter to the Supreme Court, the magistrate insists, as he did two weeks ago during the investiture talks, to put Puigdemont in the position of Tsunami leader, even though neither the Civil Guard nor the prosecutor’s office share it. This point.. In a strong appeal, the Public Ministry questioned the main theses of García Castellón and asked to withdraw both the terrorism charge and the involvement in the Puigdemont case, because it was based on assumptions and misconceptions, according to the prosecutor. The judge did not wait for the Criminal Chamber of the National Court to decide the appeal and asked the Supreme Court to take over the case.

Source: El Diario





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