PP and Vox help keep the pressure on the streets in the last leg of the amnesty negotiations

Negotiations between the PSOE and the Junts face crucial days to invest Pedro Sánchez. Whether for a deal or to go to new elections, the calendar is fixed and moving steadily towards the November 27 deadline. Until then, the right-wing can only do one thing: to encourage mobilizations against the amnesty, the exact content of which no one knows except the negotiators. The PP and Vox, competing with these protests, are trying to keep the mood in the streets from falling with a cascade of calls throughout the month, the extreme right directly supporting the violent concentration in front of the PSOE headquarters and the PP. Minimizing incidents, when not blaming the government directly.

After the second night of rioting at the PSOE headquarters on Ferraz Street in Madrid, Feijoo broke his silence on the incidents. In a tweet published after Eleven Nights, the PP leader claimed that the “responsibility for social unrest” rested with the caretaker government and Socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez. Feijo criticizes the unrest and calls for “respect and example, which the PSOE and its partners have always lacked”. “We are not like them. Not like a minority that acts the same,” he says, without directly condemning the facts.

Source: El Diario





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