Medina and Lucenio: Two members of Madrid’s elite will be the first to be tried for the fraud of money for covid

Immorality does not have a criminal reprimand, but the description of what Luis Medina Abasqueli and Alberto Luceno Cerron committed in March 2020 serves to explain to the judge and the prosecution their accusation of aggravated fraud, falsification of documents – public and private – and tax crime. faced by two members of Madrid’s privileged class. At the most critical moment in Spain since the civil war, with 74,839 deaths from Covid that year alone, two defendants defrauded Madrid’s city council to receive a €6 million commission for health care products that saved lives and increased their real value. up to 80% less.

Medina and Abascal will be the first two “businessmen,” as they describe themselves, to sit on the doctorate to take advantage of the influx of public funds that the pandemic has forced to release. The case of the masks, as it was called when revealed its existence on March 31, 2022, is one of the few investigations that have blossomed so far. The order for the opening of the oral trial issued last Thursday by Judge Adolfo Carretero indicates that the hearing in the Provincial Court of Madrid will take place, at the earliest, in the second half of 2024, unless court delays postpone it until 2025. .

Source: El Diario





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