Vox’s manager resigns amid suspicions of alleged irregularities in his fund transfers and court filings.

Juan José Aizcorbe, Vox’s party manager and economic brain, resigned this week after the party’s high-profile economic row. The resignation that El País announced. elDiario.es published an investigation on Monday that revealed that the party spent almost 7 million euros over four years in a private fund chaired by Abascal, Disenso. This foundation (a more opaque organization than a political party, although it also receives public money and tax breaks) spends a million euros on staff and over a million on contract services, without specifying which and with whom they contract. This Thursday, Ignacio Garriga was forced, due to doubts from certain sectors and internal pressure, to send a massive letter to the militants, where he tried to justify the economic decisions and convince his bases regarding the fund and the transfers.

On the same Monday, the Court of Auditors published its annual report, which analyzes the expenses and income of political parties and foundations associated with them.

This report reveals that there is “uncertainty” about €332,548.09 deposited through ATMs. In the report, the supervisory body doubts whether part of the said income “corresponds to a donation and not to the sale of products”, which would violate the party financing law “because a possible donor has not been identified”. He also warned that collections such as those promoted by the far-right group to file complaints against political rivals such as former Generalitat president Quim Torra could constitute “punishable violations” under the party financing law. In addition, the supervisory authority also confirms unjustified credit card payments of up to €41,812.24 by Vox. “Although the party claims that these are travel and subsistence expenses, no supporting documentation has been provided.

Just four days later, the resignation of Eiscorbe, who built the accounting and fiscal architecture of the party and the foundation, was announced. He also played a role in the infamous controversy when he was number two in Barcelona for attending a service in honor of dictator Francisco Franco.

elDiario.es tried to contact the former manager and the Vox party without receiving a response.

Source: El Diario





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