Feijo considers Sánchez’s investment safe and expects him to challenge it with “all democratic resources.”

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, suggests that his fate lies in opposition to Pedro Sánchez at the beginning of this legislature. This was confirmed to the media at a press conference in Congress after attending a round of contacts between political leaders and the king at Zarzuela Palace, after which Felipe VI proposed him as a candidate for the investiture of the current president. Feijóo, who had a chance and failed, assumed that the PSOE and Sumar would achieve the necessary support. And until the start of the new coalition government, the PP will “defend itself” with “all democratic resources”.

Feijoo gave a contradictory speech to the media, where he was the first to say that Sánchez hardly has the parliamentary support he needs, even pointing out that “he had it less than a month ago”. He then assumed that the PSOE leader had already shut down all the necessary support except for Junti. That is, Sánchez has already won 171 positive votes and only has to convince the party of Carles Puigdemont and his seven deputies.

“Dark negotiations, political theatrics and lies await,” Feijo said. “There will be no institution or resource of the Hispanic people that cannot be auctioned off,” he said.

Feijo compared the open negotiations between the PSOE and other parties to a play in which Puigdemont is the “director”. “There will be dramatization of demands, anger, tension, false ruptures and final agreements,” he said. “Those who say they don’t support Sanchez are lying when they gave it to him a week ago. Who said that there will be no investment without referendum and amnesty. Whoever said that referendum and amnesty are not red lines.

Thus, Feijoo wanted to appeal to his bases to prepare for what he said would be another PP legislature in opposition. The PP hopes it will be short-lived and convulsive, and that it will allow its leader to challenge Sánchez again at the polls for a maximum of two years. Regional barons are also waiting for this. If this does not happen, the strategy should be revised.

“I want to give you a message,” Feijo said. “We’re not going to beat them,” he added. Feijo reiterated the idea that he would resign as head of government in the absence of “three yeses”. Thus, the PP leader believes that he could combine Vox with PNV or Junts in the same vote, and also noted the balance vote that took place in last week’s vote, in which he ultimately lost his investment.

“No one is responsible for the country,” he said. “Of course there could be new elections,” he added, to ensure that “the Catalan independence movement and especially Mr. Puigdemont will decide.” Feijo assured that “Sanchez is a secondary actor in the production directed by Puigdemont”. “It could win him an Oscar or nothing,” he added.

Feijo, who will attend the meeting requested by Sánchez in a round of contacts with parliamentary groups, continued by analogy: “The director of modern Spain in political terms is Mr. Puigdemont. We have to have the humility to accept it.” For this reason, he added, he was “more interested in what Puigdemont says” than Sanchez.

Source: El Diario





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