Vox prevents elDiario.es from asking about the millionaires’ transfers to the Abascal fund.

Vox continues to bar access to its headquarters from a group of media outlets it considers “hostile” to the party, including elDiario.es, which it also denies accreditation for events it organizes outside the institutions. For this reason, this Monday, this editorial team could not ask about the information published by elDiario.es about the transfers of millionaires to Disenso, the Vox Foundation led by Santiago Abascal. Therefore, the formation did not address the issue in the press conference that the General Secretary, Ignacio Garriga, offered at the headquarters of the formation after the National Executive Committee (CEN) meeting.

As elDiario.es was able to confirm, the accounts of Disenso, a foundation created by Vox in 2020, reveal that the far-right party transferred almost seven million euros to its think tank over four years. The last transfer is 1.5 million and was made in January-June of the same year. If you have continued to contribute funds since June, the full amount will appear on your balance when 2023 closes.

In addition to vetoing access to its headquarters, Vox also does not respond when questions are sent to the communications department seeking management’s opinion on matters of interest, such as the aforementioned information on its foundation’s accounts. In fact, when asked about the data it will receive at the June assembly and its annual transfers to the think tank, the party refused to answer elDiario.es “due to lack of relations with this media”. Neither has the Disenso Foundation, which has yet to respond to elDiario.es’ questions about donations or spending details.

Last July, the Central Electoral Council forced Vox to allow El País and Cadena SER access to its headquarters to monitor the general election recount, as it has already done in 2019, with the far-right party denying access to several media outlets. including elDiario.es. The Electoral College indicated that he could face “administrative and, if necessary, criminal liability” if he did not do so.

Before that, the dispute-administrative chamber of the Supreme Court determined that media discrimination could not be done during the election period.

in case Vox had no choice but to finally allow EL PAÍS access at its headquarters in Madrid, on Calle de Bambus, to monitor election night. He also admitted the editor of Cadena Ser, who thought that the council’s resolution affected both media outlets. But when he realized he was only defending El País, the far-right party expelled La Ser’s editor.

Source: El Diario





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