Oscar Puente: “The Constitution follows what the Constitutional Court says, not what is said in a meeting or in a bar”

Oscar Puente speaks. Parliamentary star of the week. The deputy who, instead of Pedro Sánchez, answered Alberto Núñez Feijo for his investment. fake. The man who hyperventilated the popular bench for 30 minutes with his argument against it, and the socialists vibrated like they hadn’t done in a long time. Outspoken, he was an actor before he was a lawyer and dabbled in politics, but he denied playing any role on the floor of Congress on Tuesday. Only a “socialist of faith and heart” and someone “intense, honest, honest, but bare and always says what he feels”. There is little in politics.

The former mayor of Valladolid already left the PSOE spokesperson years ago, not because Sánchez removed him, as it is said and written – another lie among many – but because he was not his face and voice for the communication strategy. I didn’t share. For example, lying or not answering journalists’ questions, as the then PSOE communications director intended. For this reason and other vicissitudes that are not relevant now, he is now watching horses at the Zarzuela Racecourse and Puente is back on the front line. And, as usual, it leaves no question unanswered. Neither on PP, nor on amnesty, nor on the independence movement. “Amnesty is also a measure of grace in which two parties decide to end a situation. It doesn’t mean erasing any crime, it just means moving forward and opening the way to a new understanding,” he assures those who doubt it. “Everyone be calm. In PSOE, we know where we are going and we are united in this direction,” he adds.

Source: El Diario





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