War and Women and War on Women: From witty provocation to sclerotized misogyny

The characteristic of shy people is misanthropy, which itself includes misogyny and, as a result, “strong pride”, which Alfonso Guerra distinguishes from arrogance and is compatible with modesty, as he already told the great journalist Victor Marques Reviriego. He was the secretary of the organization of the PSOE and shortly before the success of the elections in October 1982, he became the vice president of the government (Another Life of MP (Blessed).. Conversation with Alfonso GuerraTriunfo, July 1, 1982).

Also, intelligent shy people are characterized by witty suddenness and a sharp tongue that disarms the interlocutor. And what better way to demonstrate these skills in Agramante than political and parliamentary life. His remarks against Adolfo Suarez are legendary: “A Mississippi gambler in a flowered vest,” he called him, though Guerra denies saying this, and that “Montesquieu is dead,” which both sterile and unwarranted created controversy in the press.

Source: El Diario

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