Daniel Viondi, the PSOE councilor who slapped Almeida in the face at the Madrid plenary, has resigned.

Daniel Viondi, a PSOE councilor in Madrid’s city council who was expelled from a plenary session this Thursday after challenging the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to face him three times, resigned in the afternoon. “I have informed my party that in the next few hours I will leave the record of the council. I apologized publicly and tried privately, but it didn’t work,” the mayor explained in a message sent to X.

Madrid’s PSOE leader, Juan Lobato, demanded his resignation a few minutes ago, warning that if he did not do so, disciplinary proceedings would be opened against him. But almost immediately, Viondi announced that he was leaving the record.

As various media explain, Viondi’s gesture came in the middle of a debate on the PSOE’s proposal to name the old Carabancelli dog track in honor of soccer player Jennifer Hermoso. Apparently, after the speech, the socialist councilor wanted to deliver a document on the matter to Almeida, and that’s when he punched him in the face several times.

President of the plenary session, Borja Fanjuli (PP), He immediately asked to leave the ward. “There was an event that did not happen in this plenary session and that is that he touched his face in a threatening tone,” Almeida lamented after the incident. A little later, Viondi himself apologized via social networks: “I apologize to Mr. Almeida for what happened at the end of my speech, when I handed him the document and there was a verbal exchange between them. I have already conveyed them to you through Mr. Carabante, as I was unable to do so directly. “It was a mistake I deeply regret,” he wrote.

2018 precedent

In 2018, Viondi was involved in another violent episode when he was the PSOE regional parliamentarian in Madrid. During the Assembly’s transport committee and after several dialectical tussles, Viondi slapped then-MP Alberto Oliver as follows: “If you make an intervention like that again, I will remove your head.”

Afterwards, outside the room, other MPs tried to calm the atmosphere, but the MPs clashed again “after Oliver pushed Viand away a bit with his hand”. During the session, Viondi criticized the then Podemos MP for defending the position of the Madrid City Council, which was held by Manuela Camena, instead of “collecting” information.

Oliver asked the president of the commission, Lucilla Toledo, to speak for “inaccurate information” and obtained it. Viondi asked as well, and then Olvier would answer, “No answer.” Visibly exasperated, Viondi replied: “Are you the president of the commission to say whether I have an answer or not? You are not above this table.”

The President proposed this additional turn to Viondi, so the Socialist MP complained: “I am asking the President that if we start using Article 114, because we are constantly referring to each other, it should be done all the time, not just one and only. .” Just as the session adjourned, Viondi explained the threatening phrase to Oliver.

Source: El Diario





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