Feijóo follows the PNV and Junts electorates and turns a blind eye to the Basque and Catalan economic elite.

“No one dared to tell him that.” This phrase is from a veteran PP plumber who has a seat in Congress, after the tough confrontation that took place this Wednesday between Alberto Núñez Feijo and Aitor Esteban, the presidential candidate of the government and the speaker of the PNV, respectively, at the time. The investment debate of the PP leader, who failed on the first vote on Wednesday. Feijo’s tone at the party he had been unsuccessfully planning for weeks surprised even himself, albeit in a positive way. And he confirmed the use of this week’s plenary session of Congress to launch a partisan strategy that is not limited to the Basque Country and that also includes attracting certain Basque and Catalan economic elites – an important part of the common social base of the PNV and the Junts. in their territories – with the promise of state investments and fiscal and labor policies more in line with their interests.

The PP wants to fish in two fishing grounds for the votes it has neglected in recent decades and for which it once competed: conservative votes in Euskadi and Catalonia. The structure of the answers to the Catalan and Basque groups was very telling. And not at all improvised, as Galician scribes and strategists made clear at the end of two parliamentary days. On the one hand, Feijóo aggregated his responses to ERC and Junts on the one hand, and PNV and EH Bildu on the other.

Source: El Diario





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