Feijo turns his investment into a censure of Sanchez, who disarms him by answering for his most combative speaker.

Unfortunately, Feijo did not win after 23J: insufficient majority to govern, defeat in the distribution of the configuration of the Congress Council, a party that controls his decisions and movements and a speech in Parliament with surprising effect on Sánchez. He doesn’t even bother to argue with her. It is said in Moncloas that this was not arrogance but cunning, and that what they were trying to do was expose the farce of an investment that would never be fulfilled. Also, that they knew that Feijo was going to make a speech addressed to his party, as it were, and that they did the same, that is, the intervention of the PSOE and the PSOE.

The PP candidate also wanted to turn his investment into a petition against Sánchez, but Sánchez ignored him and gave the answer to one of his most militant representatives, the former mayor of Valladolid. Oscar Puente, who doesn’t mince words or size. In this way, he put the PP candidate in front of the mirror of several uncomfortable realities: that he defended the government with the most votes and was the forerunner of the coalition of losers in the Vox company; Talk of purges in the PSOE and was the main beneficiary of his party firing within 48 hours “the president who denounced Ayuso’s corruption” or solemnly saying “there is no democracy outside the constitution” and while there. By failing to meet the mandate to renew the CGPJ after five years.

Source: El Diario





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