Azcon defends Spain’s “equality and unity” against the PSOE, which “only has the position of Sánchez”.

Jorge Azcon, president of PP-Aragon and head of the regional executive, defended Spain’s “equality” and unity against a single socialist party “that only has the position of Sánchez.”

Azcon spoke out this week before taking part in an event organized by “Popular” in the Plaza de Felipe II against Amnesty, in support of the impeachment of the leader of the National PP and candidate for the presidency of the Spanish government. Alberto Núñez Feijo, a socialist and compared to the current acting executive, Pedro Sánchez.

“We Aragonese are going to prove on the street that Aragon is not more or less than others, today we come to talk about equality, dignity, the unity of Spain and that there are those who are ready to sell the dignity of the country.” to continue clinging to power”, said Jorge Azcon.

Thus, he noted that, based on the above, the People’s Party “wants to defend equality, unity and Spain from the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez, who have no limits when it comes to giving everything necessary to stay in power. “Power”.

Regarding the investiture session that begins on Tuesday, September 26, in the Congress of Deputies, Jorge Azcon expressed the opinion that it will be “difficult” for Feijo to be sworn in as president, even though it was a “fair” victory. Elections. General elections on July 23.

He stated: “Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to have PSOE MPs who have a conscience and vote for what they say; “It is practically impossible for them not to vote in favor of Sánchez’s investment, because as it happens in Aragon, they say one thing and vote the opposite.”

At this point, he pointed to the fact that some PSOE MPs “gave a specific position on amnesty, but then they voted the opposite”, which also happened on sedition, criminal code changes and embezzlement. That is why he expressed his belief that the same will happen in the case of amnesty.

Azcon warned that the PSOE “has a Sanchez position, there are no two socialist parties” and while there are party members who express opposition on some issues, “when push comes to shove, the whole party votes for what it says.” Sanchez.”

Finally, he mentioned the position of the General Secretary of the Socialists of Aragon and the former president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, regarding the amnesty: “As always, he says one thing and vice versa, his statements go in one direction, but. He will vote for what Sanchez tells him.”

Source: El Diario





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