Feijóo goes to his investment with an already accredited opposition role and strategic swings

Article 99 of the Constitution was never designed for a failed investment. But Alberto Núñez Feijo insisted on it and got the consent of Felipe VI, knowing that he did not have the necessary support. He should not be elected by an absolute majority in the first round, nor by a simple majority in the second round. Therefore, the expected failure of Feiyo will also be a fiasco for the head of state, who will have to open a new round of contacts and propose a second candidate.

The former president of the Xunta de Galicia has landed in Madrid to win and rule. Without Plan B. He never expected any other scenario than the recognition of the PP president as a preliminary step to the occupation of La Moncloa. He never presented himself on the opposition bench of the Congress of Deputies. And he could not have imagined that those in the PP who promoted him to the presidency, after the ousting of Pablo Casado, would question his authority as they are doing.

Source: El Diario





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