Alliances with Vox allow the PP to control the Federation of Municipalities

This Saturday, the PP will regain control of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and put the mayor of Jerez, María José García Pelayo, at the helm. Alberto Núñez Feijoo’s party will confirm its majority, which it won after the May 28 local elections and the post-election pacts with Vox, which gave it dozens of mayors and several provincial deputies, not always after the most votes. The PP will assume the chairmanship and vice-presidency of the organization, which will fall to the mayor of Santander, Gemma Igual. The distribution of governing bodies will be decided by a vote after the right rejects a single list, as has happened before.

The FEMP is an assembly institution that seeks to consolidate common grievances at the municipal level to put pressure on the government and other bodies. On this Saturday, his organs are built a A plenary session will be held in MadridAnd it will be decided by voting. Of the three previous mandates, two were decided by consensus and a single list (2011 and 2019), and in 2015 a vote was held when two candidates were nominated. Then the socialist Abel Caballero, who had two consecutive terms in office, won.

Source: El Diario





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