The prosecutor’s office is asking for a case of terrorism against the sabotage of La Vuelta, as the Catalan court is already investigating.

Prosecutors requested the case file recently opened by a national court against four people arrested in August for planning sabotage at La Vuelta ciclismo, which runs through the Solsona region of Catalonia. The Public Ministry claims in its letter that the local court opened the procedure and therefore a second case for the same events is not appropriate in the national court, the competent court for the case of terrorism, tax sources told

The Prosecutor’s Office does not assess whether there are signs of terrorism in its conclusion in favor of filing a case in the National Court, as this is an opinion that would correspond to a later procedural moment, the sources of the Public Ministry explain. . His writing is limited to rejecting the National Court’s investigation on the grounds that there is already an open case in Solsona’s court.

Source: El Diario

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