Feijo moves his last chip and calls Paige to seek her support in the investment.

Alberto Núñez Feijo is running on his last chip to desperately find the four votes he needs to be sworn in as president of the government next week. The PP leader will call this Thursday the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Paige, who has been highly critical of the possibility that his leader, Pedro Sánchez, is negotiating a possible amnesty with the independents in exchange for his support. Future voting. But the attempt will be futile: the autonomous government rejects any option according to which Page may try to intervene in the process: “We are not interlocutors to talk or negotiate anything about investment. “This is the responsibility of the general secretary of the party.

Feijo made the call to Page as part of a “round of contacts” with regional presidents, which he announced after receiving the king’s order on the investment effort, for which he withdrew support a day after visiting the Zarzuela Palace. With the previous four weeks in mind, the PP team prepared various meetings with political groups and social agents to fill the many days ahead of the candidate.

The round of matches sold out very quickly. PP’s only real hope is to woo PNV who have told them “no” in every possible way: by phone, in person, by text or through the media. Feiyo called “Lehendakar” Inigo Urqullu, who referred him to the party leadership. And the president of the EBB, Andoni Ortuzar, turned him down in person, in a meeting the two held in Madrid in early September.

This is not the only attempt to attract PNV. The PP’s economic vice secretary, Juan Bravo, has also met with some relevant people in the party in the past, but without any position and with little harmony with the current leadership, so his ability to influence is limited.

Feijo included in his strategy an unprecedented round of contacts with regional presidents, but quickly warned everyone, or almost everyone, outside his party that his efforts would be futile. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, the Asturian Adrián Barbón or the Navarre Maria Civit were the most clear when it came to excluding them as interlocutors of the investiture.

Page too, but Castile-Lamanchego is the only socialist baron to criticize Pedro Sánchez, who survived the May 28 election. The regional president has shown that he does not agree to open talks with the ERC and Junts on amnesty, as well as other past decisions such as amnesty or reform of insurrections and appropriations.

But Page ruled out any interference in the investment process from the very beginning. Now, from those around them, they insist on the same message: “It is one thing to establish our position as a government, which is our right and duty, and quite another to enter into matters that are the responsibility of the nation’s parliament. ” The interlocutor, they point out, is Pedro Sanchez. And Feijo has already met with him to get a “no”.

Source: El Diario

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