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Congress begins using official language to try to boycott Vox and criticize the PP.

“It’s a double honor.” “It’s a double honor.” These are the first words spoken in an official language other than Spanish by a member of Congress. It was authored by the socialist José Ramón Besteiro, who opened the defense of a bill that this week would reform the lower house’s regulations to introduce the use of Spanish languages ​​officially recognized by various autonomy statutes, such as Catalan. , Basque or Galician. The latter was, precisely, the first language other than Spanish.

Galician’s first words in the Congress caused Vox to suffer. The far-right protested the use of Spanish in the seat of popular sovereignty and, after reprimanding the president, Francina Armengoli, left the chamber and threw simultaneous translation devices at the president’s empty chair. Pedro Sánchez of the government is on an official visit to the United Nations.

Before Vox held the “show”, the parliamentary speaker of the PP, Kuka Gamara, asked to appear to request Armengoli’s intention to allow this Tuesday, in the debate, to consider the law that the official languages ​​will already be used in certain areas.

Armengol rejected Gamara’s request, which he had already submitted in a review letter to the Congress Council itself.

27 postponed the official status

Meanwhile, this Tuesday, the 27 asked for more time to study a proposal put forward by Spain to make Catalan, Galician and Basque official languages ​​in the EU, joining the current 24, all of which have state status in their respective member states. States.

The initiative, which is part of the agreement reached by the PSOE and the Junts, has not been criticized, so it will remain alive for some time that no one dares to do. The European partners have told the current government that they need a more comprehensive analysis of the legal and financial implications of the measure, which will be carried out in a working group with mandatory reports. The news that Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez has proposed is that the “alignment” starts with Catalonia.

Source: El Diario





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