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The Supreme Court revoked three promotions of the Civil Guard general after Marlasca rejected the application of Pérez de los Cobos.

The Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos and decided to force the authorities of the interior to justify the refusal to grant him the rank of general, one of the highest ranks of the Civil Guard. The judges will overturn the appointments of the three brigadier generals and order the process to be repeated so that the director general of the Civil Guard prepares statutory reports if the promotion is evaluated.

The full content of the proposal will be announced in the coming days. For now, the Supreme Court has published the evaluation of the appeal of Pérez de los Cobos against the three appointments included in the three Royal Decrees of October 2021. All three are overruled and ordered to “remand the proceedings so that a report may be issued. According to Article 67.2 of the Civil Guard Personnel Regime Law, which regulates the evaluation of elective promotions to the positions of Brigadier General and Colonel, provided by the Director General of the Civil Guard.

Diego Pérez de los Cobos was dismissed as head of the Madrid Civil Guard command. in May 2020After overcoming the body report that used jokes and mistakes to blame the government And health authorities have criminally contributed to the spread of the coronavirus March 8 feminist demonstration of that year.

The reason why the Ministry of the Interior put it on the table was that the command refused to report on the development of this investigation, which was archived after the government delegate in Madrid was charged. The case began with a complaint by a lawyer convicted of defrauding clients, and there was no internal sanction within the Civil Guard for maneuvers to blame the executive for the coronavirus infections.

Pérez de los Cobos’ lawsuit at the Supreme Court was successful last March, and Fernando Grande-Marlasca’s ministry was forced to reinstate him as head of the Madrid command. Then the colonel’s second legal battle began: he appealed the minister’s refusal to promote him to brigadier general, despite his rank in the first place.

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