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Junqueras suggests that the PSOE accepts the amnesty, noting that Puigdemont will get “on the negotiating path”.

Amid a flurry of journalists, television cameras, party colleagues and generally curious people, the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, returned to the Congress of Deputies this Tuesday, surrounded by the halo of anticipation he is used to every time he sets foot in Madrid. . The circumstances of his presence in the lower house this time are not related to the situation in 2019, when he even went to the chamber in prison to get a certificate of deputy and take his seat, which he soon lost.

In fact, the contrast in Junqueras’ personal situation is consistent with the radical change that the Catalan political scene has undergone in the last four years. The ERC leader, along with the rest of the process, except Puigdemont, has been pardoned by Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist government, which now faces a setback in its Catalan road map over the need for independence votes for its investment. .

“Justice must be served where there is injustice and it must be served as soon as possible. Amnesty is already part of the agreement that we reached on the table, “said Oriol Junqueras this Tuesday in front of the media at the door of Congress and a few minutes before the start of the session that will finally give the Catalans together with the Basques and Galicians. as languages ​​of parliamentary use.

Without offering details of his talks with the PSOE, the former vice-president of the Generalitat showed he always trusted the Socialists’ inclination to carry out a measure he believed had already been agreed to a vote. Table of Congress, although it was not clearly named. “The amnesty law should cover all those who are unjustly persecuted for what was not illegal, which is the referendum,” he said.

Junqueras fired several arrows at Junto and Carles Puigdemont, on whom the viability of the investment also depends. “We welcome them as part of the negotiations and we hope that they will eventually join this path,” he said after reprimanding them for getting down this path so late. “Also, if they helped us, we could get innocent people out of prison faster or make a criminal code.

The leader of the Catalan Republicans noted that from now on the Congress of Deputies will allow the use of co-official languages ​​such as Catalan, Galician or Basque. “For the first time, millions of citizens will feel represented in their own language. “We have overcome the democratic abnormality,” he said.

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