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How to defend the Constitution without a representation of the Constitution

After receiving the message from José María Aznár, the People’s Party is already on the right wavelength. Feijo’s streak of prioritizing the institutional route is over, especially as we’re a week away from his investiture speech in Congress. All we have to do is dust the trenches and jump. This is the week of action that Feijóo will hold on the Esplanade in Madrid and which began with the installation of the doctrine of Isabel Dias Ayuso with an intervention in the El Mundo forum.

Madrid’s president is so convinced that the best cure for 23J’s frustration is to put the knife back in his teeth that he demanded on Monday that Pedro Sánchez call an election as soon as possible. elections? Didn’t we just mention them?

“I want Sanchez to go to the polls and say in his election program that he wants amnesty, self-determination and that in Congress we are not going to understand each other with our common language,” Ayuso said.

It’s clearer that way. The acting president is the one who should call the elections. in functions? But it can only make decisions on procedural issues. While governments are known to have a very generous idea of ​​what this last clause means, it is beyond their power at this time to conclude before the legislature begins.

Sánchez cannot call them when the investiture session of the candidate entrusted with this function by the head of state has not yet been held. Or when the opportunity to form a government will gain the necessary support.

Only if a government with a parliamentary majority does not emerge after a certain period of time, a call for new elections is automatically made.

Several articles have been written, also in the conservative press, about how the PP failed with the call to arms in July because it managed to mobilize the left, which was not the case in May. It was said that PP should review its strategy to avoid hitting the wall of reality.

Everything is already forgotten. The party’s promise that there will be more exercise and healthy eating after the summer has not been achieved even by the end of the month. The enormity that never really left is coming back. If it looked like he was in the background, it was because the Madrid PP kept him safe. Aznari’s words forced us to start with the usual arsenal.

There are no restrictions on the use of dialectical weapons. Just as the PP defends the constitution and refuses to agree to renew the CGPJ for more than 1500 days, now there are elections when we have to wait for the Congress to vote for the candidate or candidates who aspire to the presidency. The government.

A simple discussion about whether Sánchez would dare to offer any kind of amnesty in Congress in order to win votes for the junta, forced Ayuso to announce what he has already announced a hundred times. We are no longer equal before the law,” he said. He leads the same government that forgave more than €1,200 million to Madrid’s richest citizens thanks to a wealth tax bonus. The poor in the Madrid region are not equal to the rich, which is important.

As in other elections, the PP’s result in Catalonia once again puts it at a disadvantage by starting from a marginal position in one of the most populous communities. The party’s response was swift. It consists in not moving an inch the superiority of Spanish over other languages ​​in Spain. It is not enough to oppose the use of the Catalan, Basque and Galician languages ​​in Congress, which begins its plenary session this Tuesday. It must sound humiliating.

On Monday, Borja Semper said that having several languages ​​in the country is an example of cultural richness, that he understands Basque and that he protects himself by speaking it. But not in Congress. Arguably, this contradicts the centralist tradition of pre-constitutional Spain. But you can always defend this idea in a way that seems offensive. “We’re not going to play tricks,” a PP spokesman said to explain why its MPs will only speak Spanish in the legislature.

A PP leader quoted by ABC Director already said this in a recent article: “Before 23J it seems we don’t understand what’s coming. They released a ‘Blue Summer’ campaign for children and a movie ‘It should have been ‘Jaws'”.

This is Ayuso’s favorite movie, especially the part where the shark eats everything in its path. Bite and do not let go of the prey until the leg is cut off. If the legislature begins in a few weeks, the water in the chamber will be red. The best way to protect the constitution and the harmony between the Spaniards.

Source: El Diario





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