The PNV confirms that Feijo met with Ortuzar and insists on his “no” investment of the PP leader.

“There is no place for investment.” So exhaustive was PNV parliamentary speaker Aitor Esteban after an hour-long meeting with his PP counterpart, Kuka Gamara, who once again asked for the support of Jeltzale’s five MPs to invest their leader. Alberto Nunez Feijo. The General Secretary did not succeed, and neither did Feijoo himself, who met with the President of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, on September 7. The quote was revealed this Monday by ETB, which PP did not want to confirm, and which was finally verified by Aitor Esteban.

“It’s normal for people to talk and see each other,” Esteban said when asked by reporters. At first he tried to run away, but after insisting he revealed the meeting. “Yes, of course they were,” he said. “But it wasn’t last week,” as originally reported. “Toward the 7th, if not, it was the 7th. So,” he clarified. “Where? I have no idea, I wasn’t there. “Ask Mr. Ortuzar,” he said with a laugh.

Esteban also reiterated that “there was a phone conversation last week” “following Mr. Feijo’s call.” The Basque speaker claims that the contacts are part of “relations between political parties” and added that the so-called July 23 After the elections, “of course there were many”. “Calls from a lot of people, also from PP,” he said.

But both Esteban and Ortuzar himself in an interview on Radio Euskadi this afternoon, and both in recent weeks, the answer that the PNV gave to the PP was always the same: “No”. And without PNV, Feiyuo’s investment is doomed to failure.

Esteban believes that PP is doing an “arithmetic calculation” that is not real. Feijo gathered a bloc of 172 deputies: his own, 33 from Vox and two from the UPN and the Canary coalition. They are four short of an absolute majority and the PNV got five. It was then that Esteban insisted: “There is no place for investment. “I’ll have to subtract 33, it doesn’t fit.”

In the past, Basque nationalists regularly supported the PP. Finally, in Mariano Rajoy’s last general budget, approved in May 2018. A few weeks later, the “Jeltsals” supported the censorship issue against the then leader of the PP.

As far as Feijóo’s investment is concerned, Esteban has not strayed one bit from the line set by PNV. “We have already expressed our refusal,” he said. The spokesperson said that the meeting with Gamara this Monday “did not go into the matter” and it was defined as protocol.

Esteban cited the alliance with Vox as the main obstacle to reaching an agreement with PNV. But the spokesman cited other “disincentive circumstances, such as the call to demonstrate against amnesty, or the position on the use of co-official languages ​​in Congress.”

This morning, PP leader Borja Semper thought it was “bullshit”. Esteban replied to irundarra: “There is no one in PP who can use the Basque platform.”

Esteban also cited the election program of the PP. And, more directly, the proposal to repeal the Memory Law or the current Education Law, both agreed by the coalition government with the investment bloc, including the PNV.

After Aitor Esteban appeared in the press room of the Congress of Gamarra, he insisted on not confirming the meeting of his leader with Ortuzar, although he assessed these contacts as “normal”. “The PNV gave us information, we have a habit of not spreading what we do,” he said, although they reported on other meetings: with Pedro Sánchez, Santiago Abascal, Javier Esparza (UPN) or the president of the Canary Islands. Fernando Clavio. On the same Monday, Feijo met with the leaders of the employers’ association, and the PP also announced this.

After Feijoo’s meeting with Ortuzar, the PNV leader visited Carles Puigdemont in Waterloo.

Source: El Diario





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