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Bendodo: “Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE is the Soviet Union, including the purge”

The general coordinator of the PP, Elias Bendodo, this Saturday compared the PSOE to the Soviet Union after the expulsion of Nicolas Redondo from the socialist ranks. Bendodo declared that “Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE is a Soviet Union with internal purges included” and asked if he was going to fire Felipe González.

Bendodo made these statements during a speech with PP-A and the president of the Andalusian junta, Juan Moreno, at a meeting of the party’s autonomous executive committee held this weekend in Granada.

The general coordinator of the PP confirmed that Redondo, who was expelled by the PSOE “for his repeated contempt for the acronyms in which he fights”, according to the socialist federal leadership, “risks his life to defend democracy and freedoms”.

This week, Feijoo also pointed to this fact, saying that the “last expelled” from the PSOE was Pedro Sánchez in the 2016 crisis. “Today it is the Sanchista Party,” he added.

Bendodo also assured that the PSOE is a “radical and powerful party that recalls other times and regimes” and criticized that “Sanchismo has opened wide the door to inequality between territories in return for remaining in Moncloa” and thus. intends to “distort our country until it is unrecognizable.”

In this way, the general coordinator of the PP denounced that ten days before the start of the plenary session of the investiture of Feijoo, Sánchez negotiates “at night, under the blanket and without restrictions” with the Junts of Catalonia, and despises him that “his personal ambition can do more “that independence And what radical parties can do to our country as a whole.”

He recalled in this context that the independence movement demanded an amnesty and a mandatory referendum in Catalonia, warning that even if Sánchez “says no to both, it’s yes” because “experience shows it”, referring to previous measures such as Pardon, suppression of the crime of sedition or reduction of punishment for embezzlement.

Bendodo put PP leader and presidential candidate Alberto Núñez-Feiyo, who claims to “respect the constitution, the rule of law and equality and solidarity among all Spaniards,” to leave. “Try to invest until the last minute” in order to change the government in Spain.

“We are also going to be in the streets – he said in relation to the anti-amnesty act and in defense of the equality of all Spaniards gathered in Madrid – and we will go to court if there is a violation of the laws and the constitution”, he added, to which the popular people will add “proceedings in all city councils, councils, councils and To protect equality in the community and respect for the constitution,” where socialists, Bendodo warned, will have to present themselves. .

In this context, the popular coordinator claims that the PSOE “can no longer give lessons about anything” and criticizes that “who raised the flag of feminism, finally benefited the members of the package with his laws and had deputies in his ranks. Just like Tito Berni, who chose prostitutes from a catalog. “This is a shame and should shame all members of the government,” he cried.

Source: El Diario





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