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Sánchez claims he “will have a progressive government” and criticizes Feijo’s “waste of time” with the investment.

The acting president of the government and leader of the Socialist Party, Pedro Sánchez, assured that if the investment had been a football match, the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, would have been given a “red card” for “willful embezzlement”. of time”. He announced that “Feiyo will be the head of the opposition” and that it would be “great news for Spain”. “Because there will be a progressive government that will continue to revalue pensions, raise the minimum wage, value workers’ conditions, a government that is committed to feminism, in the face of the climate emergency, while advancing rights and freedoms.”

According to the PSOE leader, “this is what will happen” with the socialist party’s investment. “The PP will go into opposition and the PSOE will continue to govern for another four years,” emphasized Sánchez, who claims that on June 23 of last year, “the citizens said loud and clear that the repeal of the PP and Vox proposal was defeated and that there are numbers that About that “the socialist party can continue to rule for another four years”.

In his speech at the XII Festa Socialista de Galicia and in front of more than 2,500 fighters, the Socialist leader insisted that Feijo will not appear in the debate to be elected president of the Spanish government, but to “lead” the opposition.

He also referred to the event called by the People’s Party “on the instructions of Mr. Aznar” next weekend in Madrid, and assured that the only goal of the PP is “to demonstrate against the investment of the PSOE, which screams that Spain is breaking. .”

“Let’s see, gentlemen PP, Spain is not broken, Spain is not sinking. “Spain is smiling at Mr. Fayo’s huge waste of time and his lies,” he said.

Sánchez told Galicians that they let the rest of Spain “catch” the former junta president, who now leads the PP, because he added: “We thought he was worth more.”

“under the stones”

In addition, the acting president has committed to “finding votes even under rocks” to promote measures that improve people’s lives, making it clear that his party is in line with the constitution from “A to Z”.

“We don’t give constitutionalist cards, we defend from A to Z, from Pe to Pa every day. And they don’t do that,” Sanchez said.

Likewise, he recalled that during the pre-election campaign for the July 23 election, he said he would “look for votes under rocks” to approve measures that would improve citizens’ lives, such as revaluation of pensions.

“And that’s what we’re going to do. I promised that even under the ballot I would look for votes for the professional interprofessional minimum wage, for the increase of scholarships, for the emancipation of young people, for harmony and coexistence between the peoples of Spain. And that’s what we’re going to do after the Feijóo investment fails,” he noted.

Source: El Diario





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