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Feijo responds to Sánchez that “equality” distinguishes “democracy from dictatorship”.

PP government presidential candidate Alberto Núñez Feijo this week criticized Pedro Sánchez’s alleged move to pro-independence parties during talks on his possible investment if the “popular” leader does not step forward. . Feijo argued that the “equality of the Spaniards” is one of the principles that distinguishes “democracy from dictatorship”.

At an event in Santiago de Compostela under the slogan “For the equality of Spaniards”, the PP leader insisted that equality is the premise on which he is negotiating his investment and therefore he intends to defend it “no matter what.” It will cost us, even if it costs us the presidency of the Spanish government.”

He has said he aspires to lead a government of “all Spaniards” and not of “a specific political elite”, as he has dared Sánchez, who he believes is “under blackmail”.

The PP leader boasts that he leads a “state party” that upholds the rules and its citizens, even though, he believes, “never in 45 years have we had to uphold such a basic and fundamental principle. distinguishes the democracy of the dictatorship, which is the equality of all citizens and therefore of all Spaniards”.

Feijoo said that at the moment the constitution is in danger “exclusively for the personal comfort of Pedro Sánchez and no one else” as he makes transfers that do not fit into the Magna Carta and raises questions such as “how a mature democracy like ours could reach this level of political and moral degradation”.

According to Feijoo, in order to stay in power, the Socialist candidate allowed the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya to “dictate what to do with pardons and revolts” and also campaigned so that Arnaldo Otegui “had a legend” and “not because he asked for forgiveness from ETA.” from the victims of crime”.

In his speech, the popular leader described the moment of political difficulty that Spain is going through and in front of which “we are not going to be silent” in his party, because his members from the PP believe that “justice cannot distinguish the difference”. between citizens.” while “no citizen is worth less than another” and that “a pro-independence politician is worth no more than one who is not”.

Feijóo invites “everyone” to the rally next week in Madrid

This week’s event in Santiago, with 1,500 people at Multiusos Fontes do Sar, was another prelude to what the PP will hold on September 24 in Madrid to “reject” amnesty.

The call to which Núñez Feijo invited “everyone who wants to leave” because “what is happening in Spain” requires a collective response from all citizens, which opposes the demand that the independents are making to Pedro Sánchez.

This invitation is addressed to those who broke away from the PSOE in order to distance themselves from “any doctrine that is appropriate at the appropriate time” because they want to “corner everyone who disagrees” with Sánchez.

“They are expelling their militants, expelling their leaders. They are expelled to defend the Constitution, they are expelled from the Socialist Party, which is no longer a Socialist Party because it has become an elitist party,” said Núñez Feijo, who believes that “dignity, consistency, common sense and human protection. The institutions are already officially incompatible with the military in the PSOE.”

It shows that “it is no longer the PSOE, it is now the Sanchista party that throws out those who were active in the PSOE” in a scenario in which “they lost the elections, they lost the streets and so on. to lose ideas. Feiyo said.

As Feijoo said Sánchez’s talks with pro-independence parties had begun, the popular candidate made a promise to his people, saying that although he still did not know “whether we will win the investment”. What he does know is to guarantee that “the Spanish are not going to lose their dignity, you can never be sure of that.”

The PP leader defends his investment attempt

Feijo also hit back at Sanchez, who this week criticized his talks as a “waste of time” ahead of the investment, whose success he admitted was not guaranteed.

The Socialist leader assured that if the investiture had been a football match, the PP president would have been given a “red card” for “intentionally wasting time”. Feiyo, for his part, emphasized that there is no “waste of time to protect and enforce the constitution, to fulfill and enforce the mandate of the head of state” or “to protect and respect the poll results.” And it guarantees that the PP will “build the future of Spain”. “We are going to keep fighting because Spain needs us more than ever,” he said.

Source: El Diario





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