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Rosa Romero, among the women that Feijo could have installed as speaker of the Senate

The leader of the PP and candidate for the presidency of the government, Alberto Núñez Feijo, is looking for women’s profiles for the Federation of Spanish Municipalities (FEMP) and also for the speaker of the Senate, in order to increase the number of women’s votes. As Europa Press’ “popular” sources were told.

Former mayor and ex-deputy of Ciudad Real Rosa Romero is one of the PP women with extensive political and management experience who could access this speakership in the upper house.

“Popular” confirmed in the demographic and sociological studies they commissioned after the general election that they had a leak in the votes of young women – about thirty – especially because of the fear of a possible collusion between PP and Vox. .

That’s how Feijoo put it to his “barons” at lunch after the national board of directors meeting last Monday. “People have normalized Bildu, but not Vox,” sums up one person who was at that “relaxed” lunch at PP headquarters.

This woman’s vote was the “key” in the May elections.

The female vote indeed played a “decisive” role in PP’s victory in the municipal and regional elections on May 28, because, according to “Popular”, women placed a significant bet on their initials after the discount. A “yes only means yes” law to sex offenders, the approval of a trans law, or the “evolution” of the abortion party.

PP sources told Europa Press that the PP leader now wants to give women to his team to restore this female vote. For now, he is considering putting a woman at the helm of FEMP, where the “Popular” is still gathering support to take the presidency and topple the socialist Abel Caballero.

The plenary session will take place next Saturday, September 23, and within the ranks of the PP there is already a short list of names of mayors on which, according to “popularity”, Feijo could bet: María José Catala (Valencia), Natalia Chueca. (Zaragosa), Gemma Igual (Santander) or Emma Budge (Terruel), among others.

Rosa Romero, Speaker of the Senate?

Feijo is also exploring the possibility of appointing a woman as speaker of the popular group in the Senate, a position currently held by Javier Arenas on a “temporary” basis, according to sources close to him.

The PP leader maintains absolute secrecy and this is a decision he will make after his investiture speech in Congress, scheduled for September 26 and 27. In the upper house, the PP has women with extensive political and management experience, which is one of the requirements that Feijóo values ​​most.

Thus, former councilors such as Paloma Martín from Madrid or Pilar Rojo from Galicia will take their seats in this 15th legislature; and former mayors such as Luisa Fernanda Rudi (Zaragosa), Alicia García (Alvilla) or Rosa Romero (Ciudad Real). Also sitting on the PP bench are active mayors such as Emma Budge (Teruel) and former PP presidents such as Ana Beltrán, who led the party in Navarre, and Australian Navarro, who did so in the Canary Islands.

Changes in the leadership of PP

Once it is confirmed that the legislature begins with the investment of the president of the government and there will be no electoral repetition, Feijo will begin to unravel the mystery of how the organic map of the PP is being restructured, both within the party and within the party. at the parliamentary level.

The appointment of Pedro Rollán as president of the Senate will force Feijo to find a replacement for the PP’s vice secretary of autonomous and local coordination, which he held last year after Feijo took over as president in April 2022. party.

Some PP sources claim that the leader of his party will limit himself to “corrections” in the steering committee, but others say it will go deeper, because if Pedro Sánchez is finally sworn in as president, he will have to entourage. itself with a “broader” team and stronger” to “suppress” the PSOE and Sumari’s executive organization.

One of the unknowns that needs to be resolved is whether Kuka Gamara continues to combine secretary-general and spokesperson of the popular group in the congress, or should choose between the two positions. Some PP officials consulted by Europa Press believe he will remain PP’s “number two” and that Feijo is looking for a replacement as speaker.

Source: El Diario





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