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Feijo will meet with businessmen and trade unions before the investment debate

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijo, will start next Monday a series of meetings with businessmen and social agents in the framework of a round of contacts ahead of the investment debate, scheduled for September 26 and 27.

Feijo will begin a series of meetings with CEO President Antonio Garamendi and continue from Tuesday with UGT General Secretaries Pepe Alvarez and CCOO Unai Sordo.

According to party sources, the PP president will use these meetings to present the general lines of his government program to trade unions and businessmen, “at a particularly difficult time for the country’s economic and social situation.”

The PP thus used the statement to reiterate its rejection of a possible amnesty for people persecuted under the process, one of Junt’s demands to the PSOE in light of Sánchez’s hypothetical investment, which has yet to be established. Date in calendar..

Regarding this possible amnesty, Feijo conveys to businessmen and trade unions that “the country is going through a particularly difficult time (…) with a series of problems that citizens directly experience”. They also accuse the current government of devoting itself “exclusively to an identity debate that leads to nothing but being stuck in Montcloi”.

Feijóo conveys to both the CEOE, the UGT and the CCOO “the obvious risks and fracture of Spanish society that amnesty would entail”, referring to the negotiations between the PSOE, Sumar and the Junts from Catalonia, also “on the way”. About the self-determination referendum”.

PP sources reiterated in meetings with businessmen and social agents that “the current president is ready to give in and break the constitutional path that requires equality for all citizens.”

“Open Act” against amnesty led by Aznar and Rajoy

After holding these meetings and two days before the start of the investment debate, Feijo will address his followers at a rally in Madrid next week, the 24th, where his two predecessors, former President Jose, will be present. Maria Aznari and Mariano Rajoy.

The PP released details of the rally in recent days, after Catalan civil society called for it on October 8 in Barcelona and the president of the Madrid community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced its presence there. It is not yet known if Feijo will attend, and Vox has confirmed his attendance.

A popular candidate for the investment will be in Madrid, with the party’s general secretary, Cuca Gamara, calling it a “big open act” against amnesty. The PP insisted that the action serves to present Feijo’s investment to the citizens, as well as “some of the priorities” of its proposal, as well as “the defense of equality between all Spaniards and the PP’s rejection of any approach that includes treatment”. Citizens of this or that area are different,” reports Aitor Rivero.

Source: El Diario





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