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The Supreme Court is accepting a complaint against Yolanda Díaz over her meeting with Puigdemont, but has not yet decided whether to recognize it.

On September 4, Acting Vice-President of the Government Yolanda Díaz traveled to Brussels to meet Junts leader Carles Puigdemont as part of negotiations for the hypothetical investiture of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government. Less than two weeks have passed, the Supreme Court has already accepted several lawsuits or complaints against the leader of Sumari, which accused him of several crimes due to his meeting with the accused in the 2017 trial.

Complaints and requests that have not resulted in the opening of any case and that are subject to the usual procedure: register, apply to the prosecutor’s office and receive a decision as soon as possible, within a few weeks.

It is the Catalan Civil Society, an organization that has launched various judicial and social initiatives against the independence movement in recent years, that filed one such complaint for the illegal omission of the duty to prosecute crimes. In a statement, the association criticized that Díaz went to meet the accused, but did not explain whether he should have been arrested, in his opinion, to be taken to Spain and handed over to Judge Larena, who has been trying for years. his extradition.

It was this association that issued a statement saying that the Supreme Court “will accept the appeal for consideration.” The truth is that the judges of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court do not even have this issue in the receiving department.

The Supreme Court explains to, the case follows the usual procedure: the Supreme Court forwards the complaint to the prosecutor’s office so that it can report whether or not to open an investigation and then make a decision. The decision, which according to the usual time, will be made before the middle of October. Legal sources on the use of this offense by the acting vice president are not clear.

Catalan civil society is not the only criminal complaint filed against Díaz for his meeting with Puigdemont. Court in Coruña Received a complaint against the Acting Vice President for allegedly spending public money to visit the former President, although he is registered in the Supreme Court.

Vox also announced that it had requested that Diaz and Jaume Assen testify before the Supreme Court as witnesses to find out if they knew anything about Puigdemont’s procedural strategy. Finally, a lawyer and YouTuber called Ruben Gisbert filed a complaint for the same reason.

Source: El Diario





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