Feijo tells Aznar that “if he had been the leader of the coup” Sánchez “would have pardoned, amnestied and demanded a vote in the investiture”.

“If you were the leader of the coup,” Sánchez “would forgive you, give you amnesty and ask you to vote for the investiture.” This is how the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, defended this Friday the former president of the government and his own party, José María Aznar, against the criticism he received from the current government for the speech in which he embraced independence and independence. Terrorism and claimed social mobilization such as the spirit of Ermois against ETA after the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Angel Blanco.

This Friday Feijo closed the “Campus Faes”, a conference organized by the foundation led by Aznar, who attends the closing today and at which the former president launched a harsh speech in which he accused the progressive bloc armed with the PSOE and around. A summation of “confirmation” of Spain’s “worst history”. When asked about this, Isabel Rodríguez called Aznar a “coup artist”.

The PP leader hit back this Friday at what he described as “insulting the minister’s spokesperson”. Feijoo called for Rodriguez’s resignation, saying his words were “an attempt to discredit dissent and silence any critical voice.” Something that he believes “hasn’t stopped” with this coalition government. “During this legislature, we have witnessed an unprecedented strategy in which the entire government devotes itself to attacking the opposition on a daily basis,” he lamented.

Feijo argued that this is the “political model they are trying to impose” and cited as an example the “crazy attacks that Aznar has received this week”. “This is another example of how politics in Spain is entrenched and the government in power is launching an institutional attack on all political spheres.

The PP leader also came to the defense of Nicolas Redondo, whose expulsion from the PSOE was announced yesterday by elDiario.es. The expulsion, which Redondo learned about precisely while eating with Aznar, and which also included another former socialist, Joaquin Leguina, as reported by the media.

Feijo singled out Pedro Sánchez for “silencing the rebels because they don’t understand that in a month it says the opposite: neither the constitution has changed, nor blackmail is different, nor amnesty or referendum is now acceptable”. The PP leader maintains his strategy of trying to dismantle socialism as a last resort to win back lost investment, saying that a “historic” figure like Nicolas Redondo was “kicked out of Sánchez’s party to protect the ideology. PSOE.”

“Sanchez lost and today he could not say that he is not ready to give up everything,” he said. In his opinion, the General Secretary of the PSOE “does not agree to either the amnesty or the referendum.” “It’s not legitimate,” he said. “This is a fraud on those who voted, promised one thing and now do the opposite,” he added.

that Sánchez stops the sumar

“Please go back and fix this,” said Feijoo, who spent much more time in his speech talking about Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist’s next government than his own investment.

“I solemnly ask Sánchez to back down, to deny that he is ready to give in to the illegal claims of the independence movement,” he reiterated. “If it is serious that he opened the door to amnesty, it is more serious to do so in exchange for his investment,” he concluded.

The PP leader also sought to instill some hope in his people amid the extreme difficulty of being appointed president by the Congress. “We are not going to give up,” he said, noting that “the vast majority identify with constitutional values, they are committed to moderation and overcoming the blocs.” What he believes will be “revealed by the survey” on June 23.

Feijo reiterated his proposal to Sánchez for an agreement between the PP and the PSOE, which would mean that the acting president abandons the alliances that brought him to Moncloa, but the right-wing leader did not give up his own with Vox.

“They wanted to start interpreting that Spain has only two alternatives: to postpone the election or to repeat it,” he said in a kind of paraphrase of Carles Puigdemont, which he did not mention in the entire presentation. Feijo argued that “the best alternative remains a grand national agreement between the two main parties to shore up the populism and independence movements.” “This is what I offered the socialist candidate and will continue to offer,” he assured.

PP sources explained to elDiario.es that by “abandoning populism” Feijo only refers to Summar. Although the PP leader has referred to Vox as a populist party in the past, the PP leadership insists that he was only referring to Yolanda Díaz’s party. “Voks will not join Feiyo’s government. Add yes to one of the PSOE. Therefore, the one to set aside is the one who is not set aside: Sumari.’

The PP governs in coalition with Vox in four autonomous communities, in addition to depending on its votes in another, and shares municipal government in dozens of city councils with the far-right.

Source: El Diario





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