Joaquin Leguina admits that he voted for the PP in the last election because “he is in favor of the constitution”.

The former Socialist president of the Community of Madrid, Joaquin Leguina, admitted this Thursday that in the last general election he voted for Alberto Núñez Feijoo’s Popular Party because he is “pro-constitutional”.

In an interview on Antena 3, collected by Europa Press, the former Socialist leader claimed that last December they took away his fighter and therefore they took away “the commitment to vote for PSOE”.

“Why did I vote for Feiyo? Why am I right-handed? No. Whether I am leftist or rightist, I am in favor of the constitution, and I am sure that Feijo and the People’s Party in general are in favor of the constitution,” Leguina explained his position.

Asked if he knew other historical socialists who voted for the PP, the former Madrid president assured them that “they were going to vote for a lot more” but that the PSOE’s message “that the extreme right is coming” got to them in the end. Vote for Sanchez.

He also asked the PP and Vox, if the elections are repeated, “not to make the mistake of entering this game” and to say that “the only ones who threaten the coexistence of Spain” are the separatists.

Leguina was against “sleeping with the enemies of our country”, regarding the PSOE’s talks with the independence parties as well as the referendums, stressing that democracy “debates, talks and agrees on some issues”.

Source: El Diario





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