Anti-corruption Commissioner Vilarejo appeals acquittal for bribery

The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office appealed the acquittal for bribery that the Criminal Chamber of the National Court issued against Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and some of his employees last July. This court sentenced the retired commissioner to 19 years in prison after the first trial of the macro case brought against him in the national court on charges of disclosure of secrets and falsification of a commercial document.

However, the Criminal Court found that the Commissioner had not used his police functions to prepare the dossiers he sold to his clients which were investigated in the Land, Iron and Pintor parts of the Tandem case. From this point of view, the court concluded that he could not be accused of passive bribery, nor could his clients be blamed, since his status as a police officer did not affect the work he did for them.

The anti-corruption appeal must now be decided by the Appeals Chamber, the highest instance of the national court established in 2017. The resolution will affect almost the entire case, since the crime of bribery is a different part of the tandem indictment. However, not in countries like the kitchen, where the commissioner clearly acted within his destiny in the deputy directorate of operations to book Luis Barcenas with the reserved funds.

Source: El Diario





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