The Constitutional Court rejected the PP’s request to remove the progressive Laura Diez from consideration of the 30,000 baht vote.

The Constitutional Court rejected the PP’s request to exempt one of its progressive judges, Laura Diez, from hearing the PSOE’s request to review the 30,000 votes cast in the last general election. The court will decide the case tomorrow morning.

The Second Chamber of the Court of Guarantee understands that the accusations of the PP, which challenged the magistrate appointed in the last partial renewal at the proposal of the PSOE, are not enough to remove Diez from the case. “The alleged facts are not related to each other and cannot be the reason for the avoidance provided by the PP, i.e. direct or indirect interest in the case,” explains the Constitutional Court.

The Court of Guarantees decided last week to allow the processing of an appeal filed by the PSOE against the electoral college’s and the Supreme Court’s successive refusals to agree to invalidate the votes. The Socialists are calling for a review of the 30,000 invalid votes in Madrid for a key seat: one that would give them another seat in Congress thanks to 1,323 more votes and allow them to rely on Yuntes’ abstention, not theirs. Support the possible investment of Pedro Sanchez.

Diez joined the plenary session of the Constitutional Court last December, partially renewed with four candidates half-proposed by the government and the General Council of the Judiciary. A professor and senior official before entering his bail court in Moncloa, the PP questioned whether he could be part of the hearing of this appeal as he was appointed at the suggestion of the central executive.

Shortly after the publication of the court’s decision, the prosecutor’s office submitted its complaint opposing the PSOE’s complaint and rejecting the request for a recount. A position that contrasts with the position the Public Ministry maintained in an earlier phase of the procedure, when it asked the Supreme Court to accept the appeal “in its entirety” and allow the 30,000 questioned votes to be considered.

Source: El Diario





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