PSOE recalls that in 20 days Feijoo did not achieve “more votes” for his investment: “His only ally is Vox”

The leadership of the PSOE wanted to emphasize this Monday that “20 days have passed” since the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, received the king’s commission to submit to the investiture, the leader of the popular party “failed. Gather any votes or new support to become president.” Therefore, 20 days are a “waste of time” for the country, as the Deputy General Secretary of the Socialists, María Jesus Montero, said at a press conference.

But, apart from that, what has become clear, in his opinion, in these last 20 days is that “PP’s only ally is Vox”. “They’re going to agree to all the places they can add,” he warned. For Montero, “the PP is at the dictation of Vox,” a force that “on the one hand says it wants to support Feijoo’s investment, but then says that the party counts a lot” in the negotiations and makes its programmatic demands. on the table, but also on bills.

“Feiyo has decided that the paths of the right and the extreme right will merge forever. “Feiyo gives them to governments and makes agreements to the detriment of citizens’ rights,” the Acting Minister of Finance warned. The round of contacts, which the PP leader himself plans to start this week with the regional presidents of his party, is for the PSOE proof that “Feiyo is trying to remain the president of the PP instead of seeking support for the investment”.

“Building bridges” in Catalonia

Montero also stressed that for “democratic hygiene” he is not going to talk about the talks between his party and pro-independence forces about the possible impeachment of Pedro Sánchez, as Feijo is currently the presidential candidate appointed by the king. Yes, he wanted to “congratulate all Catalans on the Day”.

“We want September 11 to be a day of asking for coexistence and reunification,” added Montero, who noted that socialists “are in favor of building bridges, not digging ditches.” His commitment is to “continue the path of dialogue” between Spain and Catalonia. “We will work for territorial unity, for a plural Spain within the framework of the Constitution,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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