Abascal assures Feijo that he will support his investment in the face of a “national exception” and the risk of a “coup” by Sánchez.

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, this Tuesday moved to the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who will support his investment during a meeting in Congress. Abascali defended that although there are “differences” between the two formations, Vox should support Feijoo’s investment, given that there is a “national exception” and the risk of a “coup” of the constitution that could be carried out by Pedro de Montcloi. Sanchez.

The meeting between Feijoo and Abascal comes a few days after both formations managed to close a government pact in Murcia and a month after a secret meeting between the two leaders held on August 1, where they already discussed the open scenario after the last elections. . The secret meeting, about which the media was not informed, took place during the exchange of reproaches that both formations devoted to the disappointing expectations of the 23rd.

This Monday, the far-right leader was pleased with the agreement reached with the PP – in Murcia, the last one – and said that with them “a new stage of understanding between Vox and the Popular Party” will open. In a press conference he offered at the party’s headquarters after chairing a meeting of Vox’s political action committee, Abascal reiterated the terms of his investment support for the PP candidate.

“Scrupulous respect for constitutional legality; Respecting the equality of all Spaniards before the law and restoring the democratic normality violated by this government,” he said. To all this, he added his party’s rejection of any attempt to veto, that is, the desire to arrange a sanitary cordon for Vox.

Source: El Diario





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