Sumari sends a letter to Feiyo asking him to withdraw the investment and withdraw resources for labor reform and trans law.

Sumar sent a letter to the PP this Friday, asking him to refrain from trying to impeach Alberto Núñez Feijoo and withdraw the resources he maintains against labor reform or the Trans law. Despite this, the group led by Yolanda Díaz is open to attending a meeting in the round with the parties that the PP leader has put forward, although not with the acting second vice-president, but with the speaker, Marta Lois.

“We have repeatedly pointed out that the investment of Mr. Núñez Feijoo is doomed to failure and a waste of time for the public,” Diaz said in a letter to the PP candidate. “The only possible government, according to the results of 23J, is a coalition of PSOE and Sumari, which advances the social and territorial agenda”, defends the formation.

Mr. Núñez Feijoo’s parliament offers a dialogue to reach an agreement with democratic forces, while maintaining autonomous governments with Vox, a political force that rejects sexist violence and the climate crisis and wants to ban democratic political formations, “Sumar asserted in a letter to the PP.

Sumar accuses Feijo’s party of maintaining a “wrong position” that reinforces “his loneliness.” The party led by Díaz says it only has 137 MPs for guaranteed investment, even though Vox has already publicly expressed its support, which would add 172 MPs. “You can’t have a dialogue with everyone and you always agree with those who want to ban political parties,” Sumari notes in one of the points in the letter.

Although Sumari expresses his willingness to meet with Feijoo through spokeswoman Martha Lois, he is asking for a step forward. In particular, he is asking for the unconstitutionality claims he brought against the Labor Reform and Trans Act passed by the coalition government in the last legislature to be dropped. “If you are willing to reach agreements, you must start by respecting the very important current social pact, such as the labor reform, which has proven its effectiveness and has a legitimate agreement between social agents,” the letter said.

Summar thus rules out a meeting between Diaz and Feijoo, as was the case this week with PSOE candidate Pedro Sánchez. During that meeting, Feijoo asked for his support to approve six reforms in the legislature and re-convene elections in two years.

Source: El Diario





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