The PP leaves the PNV and Junts groups in the Senate up in the air

As Alberto Núñez Feijo begins negotiations, the PP temporarily suspends the Senate to try to swear in the prime minister, leaving up in the air the formation of the PNV and Junts groups, two of the parties Feijo wants to attract. A sufficient majority in Congress. The President of the Upper Chamber, Pedro Rolland, has requested a report from the lawyers on the loan of the PSOE senator, so that these parties, together with others, meet the requirements of the regulation, which requires a minimum of 10. Until said report arrives, the table that dominates PP will not be pronounced.

The governing body of the Senate met for the first time this Tuesday in the legislature and gave its consent to the creation of three groups: PP, PSOE and ERC and the EH Bildu group. The rest of the requests were accompanied by loans from socialist senators, since Senate rules require groups to have at least 10 members.

The practice of loan spread in the past, as the vice-president of the chamber, Javier Marotto, recalled at the press conference. But what was passed in other legislatures, the PP itself in 2019 gave Senator Ciudadanos to have a group, is now in doubt.

Marotto explained that the difference with the precedents is that this time the groups will be formed by borrowing more MPs than their own. But this problem does not apply to Junts or PNV.

According to parliamentary sources, Juntes presented a document in which three representatives of the Canary Islands Coalition, the Independent Herreña Association (a CC ally on the island of El Hierro) and the BNG were added to his three representatives. A total of six. The rest, up to 10, will be a loan from the PSOE.

In the case of the PNV, the Andon Ortuzari-led party has five senators and will need the same number, also from the PSOE, to form a group.

The doubts of the PP crystallize in the air in the last group, the confederal left, where there are member parties of Sumar (Compromise and Mas Madrid), PSOE-Sumar coalition Senator Ibiza/Formentera, Association. The Socialist of Gomera (ASG) and the one corresponding to Geroa Bai, who represents the Parliament of Navarre, but who has not yet taken office. The idea is that the first speaker is former socialist Carla Antonelli, reports Europa Press.

Obtaining a parliamentary group is an advantage for parties, as it allows them to have more visibility, a permanent presence in the press council, financial, human and material resources, as well as more money for internal management, as well as opportunity. Offering initiatives. Senators who don’t fall into either group end up in a mixed bag where they are very diluted.

Source: El Diario





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