The Supreme Court rejected the PSOE’s request to review 23J’s 30,000 baht vote in Madrid.

The Supreme Court rejected the PSOE’s request to review the more than 30,000 invalid votes cast in the last July 23 election in Madrid, finding that the claim did not meet the requirements of the doctrine to carry out the requested recount.

“The mere numerical difference in the results cited in this case (1,200 votes) is not a sufficient basis for review,” the High Court’s festive chamber said in a statement that did not dismiss the Socialists’ appeal. At the prosecutor’s discretion.

According to the Supreme Court, no arithmetical data or reliable statistical calculations have been provided to verify, even hypothetically, the relevance of the review of the votes in the final result and in the allocation of the disputed seat, number 16, which the PP won with a loss. of PSOE.

When the universal scrutinization ended with an external vote confirming another seat for the PP (137), the Socialists went to both the Provincial Electoral Council of Madrid and the Central Electoral Council (JEC) to review the validity of all the invalid votes. Madrid District.

After being rejected by both bodies, the socialists went to the Supreme Court, which also granted their request in the form of punishment, against which an appeal is pending in the Constitutional Court.

Source: El Diario





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