Irene Montero and Yolanda Díaz accused Rubiales after announcing that he would not resign: “He cannot continue in office”

Acting Equality Minister Irene Montero criticized Luis Rubiales’ speech this Friday, lamenting that the “silence” referring to men’s football “didn’t work”. All of this after the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced that he would not be stepping down after all. “Discrediting the victim, her support networks and the feminist social demand to guarantee the right to sexual freedom will not work either,” she wrote on her Twitter.

The women’s soccer top brass also announced legal action against Montero, leader of Sumar Yolanda Díaz, former Podemos MP Pablo Echenik and Podemos general secretary Ione Bellara. Following these statements, in another tweet, Montero indicated that Rubiales “seeks his impunity” and warned that in response, “the prosecution and the CSD are acting to protect the player, reject machismo and ensure the right to sexual freedom.” “Now more than ever, Jenny Hermoso, You are not alone,” he announced. In an interview on RNE today, the Acting Minister recalled that it is not necessary to use violence or intimidation to “violate a woman’s sexual freedom.” He also emphasized that in the absence of consent, “all measures must be taken used”.

The leader of Sumar, Yolanda Diaz, who was also directly named by Rubiales in his speech, did not take long to respond via Twitter: “Mr. Rubiales still does not know where he is or what he has done. Not up to scratch. You should resign now and save us the shame.”

Minutes later, after Rubiales announced that he would not resign, Díaz called what happened today in the Federation Assembly “unacceptable.” In addition, the action that the government must take was announced: “It must act and take urgent measures: the impunity for macho actions is over.” Finally, he demanded the resignation of Rubiales: “He cannot continue in office.”

On the other hand, Podemos Minister and General Secretary Ione Bellara said that consent “is not decided by the aggressor, it is decided by the woman”. He also described Rubiales’ speech on this social network as “violent and mafia” and admitted that “it will not work against a country that has already changed”. “Everyone already knows what kind of man he is,” Bellara posts. Likewise, he asked the Supreme Sports Council to act “so that Rubiales does not continue in this position for another minute” and was clear about the role of the institutions: “Spanish women must see how the institutions protect them from the discourse. Dangerous that justifies and protects sexual violence “.

The representative of Madrid, Monica García, did not remain silent in front of Rubiales’ statements either. In his tweet, he claims that the only acceptable response was to “apologise and walk away”. According to Garcia, the RFEF president’s speech was “full of machismo, revenge and even blaming Jenny Hermoso.” He also asked Kud to initiate his shutdown mechanisms.

One of the first reactions from the PSOE was from María Jesús Montero, acting Minister of Finance and Public Functions, who rejected Rubiales’ words. “Spain no longer accepts macho attitudes and does not allow women to be degraded.” “Any attack on equality will find a strong response from a feminist government,” she said.

All of these statements came after Rubiales delivered a scathing speech in which he charged against feminism, the press, everything that moves. He portrayed himself as the victim of a “hunt” against someone who had suffered, he said, “every day for five years.” He maintained that the kiss with Jennifer Hermoso was “consensual and mutual.” “I am ready to be insulted to defend my ideals and the truth,” Rubiales said, assuring that he has a lot of support. “There are many people who are silent but support me, I would say more than against.”

Meanwhile, in the PP, they claim the “ball is in the government’s court” after Rubiales chose to stay in office despite calls for his resignation from various members of the executive branch. “You have to see what they do,” the same sources indicate.

That same Friday, the number three, Elias Bendodo, alleged some government complicity with Rubiales over messages sent years ago by the RFEF president to members of the executive, including Pedro Sánchez, that went unanswered. Still, Bendodo said Sánchez had “a wonderful cordial relationship” with Rubiales and that “it was never explained how far he went”.

Feijoo’s party regrets, as its secretary-general, Kouka Gamara, did last Tuesday that the “embarrassing” events carried out by Rubiales “derailed” the World Cup won by the national team. “We Spaniards were not used to celebrating great successes in the world of sports,” Bendodo said. “The victory of our champions is an unprecedented event that we are proud of,” he concluded.


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